Fettine with Almonds and Hazelnuts 250 gr
Almond Fettine and Garda Foodie's hazelnuts encapsulate and express all the flavour you look for in top-quality dried fruit. Thanks to the combination of cocoa hazelnuts in one and almonds in the other, you can enjoy a double taste experience. They are excellent as soon as they arrive, the solos or accompanied by a good coffee or other hot drink. 

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Garda Lemon Biscuits 100/250 gr
Garda Lemon biscuits are delightful treats originating from the Lake Garda area. These biscuits are infused with the vibrant flavour of local lemons, offering a perfect balance of sweetness and citrus brightness. The use of high-quality ingredients, combined with the refreshing zest of Garda lemons, makes these biscuits a delightful and zesty treat, capturing the essence of the beautiful Lake Garda surroundings in every bite

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Hazelnut & Banana Biscuits 250 gr
The hazelnut and banana biscuits are made without any animal products or gluten-containing ingredients. The combination of hazelnuts and banana adds a delightful flavour profile, creating a tasting and wholesome snack. The use of these ingredients ensures that everybody can enjoy these biscuits without compromising on taste.

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